By Linda Nuamah

The year 2012 has been marked as the year of extreme weather. It was cold and very wet. Some days I simply didn’t know what to wear. I basically couldn’t rely on the weather forecast and I often thought about how nice it would be to have a coat that goes well with all “extreme” weather. However the thought of fashion and multi functionality is not yet in my vocabulary; images of outdoor jackets pops into my head. These jackets are often made of thick and uncomfortable materials, they hide every shape you imagine you have, and it’s never fashionable.

In spite of my pre-judgmental feelings about multi functionality and fashion, I came across an emerging fashion label that is the true solution to every fashionista’s nightmare ‘How to remain stylish in the rain’.

PIOGG is the new emerging label from Amsterdam that should be on everyone’s lips. The label was founded by a Dutch girl, Daphne Gerritse, in 2011. She came up with the concept while gazing at the rainy streets of Amsterdam. She found the way people were dressed in the rain, unstylish. From here her idea evolved, combining fashion and comfort.

The PIOGG multi-functional all-weather coat is not just stylish and fashionable; it protects you against the rain, wind, and snow. By using the most exclusive and high-tech materials, the PIOGG all-weather coat can be worn throughout the seasons, while looking fashionable in extreme weather. The PIOGG all-weather coat is designed for the urban men and women looking for a bit of luxury in the city. The PIOGG collection will be available at the end of this year.



JANET + GEORGE is your online luxury shopping destination. Established in 2013 by Linda Nuamah, JANET + GEORGE hosts a compelling mix of emerging fashion design talent alongside established international brands. We select and sell the world’s best fashion clothes, shoes, bags and accessory. Our unrivalled customer experience sets us apart. We offer express delivery as standard.
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